Friday, March 8, 2013

Verrine ~ A Blend of Cream and Chocolate

As a kid, I had a bad habit of wasting food. My mother would scare me saying if I waste food, satan is gonna come and grab my leg and take me off. The days I would waste food, I happen to meet satan (the one in Onida ad) in my dreams, who would drag me off, mercilessly.

But now, I do make a conscious effort to not waste food and to cook/eat that is enough for us. I had some mascarpone cheese and whipping cream left over after I made the Tiramisu and Black Forest Cake. While in a hunt to figure out how I could use them to make another variety dessert, before it hits the expiry date, I came across the French Dessert called Verrine. Verrines translate to glasses in french. Originally from France, these are made by forming layers of ingredients in a glass. Since these are made in transparent glass, the highlighted colors of the ingredients gives a tempting look. Moreover, we can customize a verrine with ones own recipe.

The verrine I tried, was indeed a quick dessert - sounds exciting ? Here is the recipe for the verrine that was made in less than 15 mins and did leave our tastebuds craving for more. I think you should definitely give it a try.

  1. 1 1/2 cup of whipped cream
  2. 2 tbsp of mascarpone cheese @ room temperature
  3. 1 1/2 cup of crushed brownies/ chocolate cake
  4. 6 tbsp of sweet wine
  5. Transparent glasses for serving

  • In a bowl, beat the mascarpone cheese and 2 tbsp of wine with a spatula to form a smooth paste. 
  • Fold in the whipped cream just enough to blend in with the mascarpone. 
  • Line the crushed brownies in the glass. Drop in 2 tbsp of wine to moisten the brownies. (Refer Tips)
  • Add a layer of whipped cream and mascarpone mixture.
  • Repeat the above two steps.
  • Pop it into the refrigerator(preferably overnight).
  • Garnish it with chocolate and serve it chill. Here is the trick to make chocolate garnish.

  1. You could substitute brownies with crushed chocolate cake/crackers/marie gold biscuits.
  2. Drop in the wine just enough to make the brownie layer moist. Too much of wine would make it bitter. 
  3. You could substitute wine with simple sugar syrup, if you would want to replace wine. Also adjust the sweetness of the sugar syrup based on the sweetness of the base (brownie/crackers/digestive biscuits), so that it does not leave you with a dessert that is bland nor make you sugar high :).


  1. Yumm! This is such an easy and tasty recipe. I love mascarpone-whipped cream combo, so I am sure I am going to try this.

  2. Thanx Purabi :)...Try and let me know if you liked it...

    I see that you too have a beautiful blog out there with interesting recipes... :)

  3. WOwww.. looks so delicious and tempting.. First time here.. Happy to follow your blog :)

  4. Thanks :)..

    Went through your blog... pretty amazing pics and recipes.... Thanks to the blogging world that makes it so easy to get in touch with people sharing similar interests :)

  5. This looks delicious! Thanks for participating in this month's DMBLGiT contest! :)

  6. I tried something like this and was wondering what to call it.I added some fruits to it too.Love your space beautiful pics.

  7. Wow ...very tempting and delicious recipe :)


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