Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trick to get perfect Chocolate garnishing !

Chocolate garnishing isn't just about melting chocolate and piping it out in desired shapes. I learnt it the hard way, when the chocolate garnishing on a birthday cake just bent down in few minutes.

What is the secret behind doing it right and how to do it? Tempering is what needs to be done here. Tempering is a way of melting chocolate in a way that its molecules do not break up completely. So, when they are chilled, they get back together to give it a firm shape.
  1. First, grate the chocolate. Do not touch the chocolate with your hand, else it would melt. Shave it with a sharp knife having held it with a kitchen towel. 
  2. Place 2/3rd of shaved chocolate in the microwave for not more than 8 sec. Take it out and give it a mix with a spoon. If its not melted completely, place it again in the microwave for few seconds, just enough to melt it. 
  3. Once done, add the rest of the chocolate shaving and mix it with a spoon. It would melt in it and leave a thick and sticky texture.
  4. Pipe it out of a piping bag or ziploc bag into desired shapes to decorate cakes, desserts etc. 
Watch this video, where I learnt it from.


  1. Very helpful post.. thanks for sharing !!

  2. Anupa,this is such a helpful post ..I have found the potato peeler helps to shave easily.

    1. Thanks Meena ... ohh the potato peeler never occurred to me ..thanks for letting me know :)


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