Monday, May 14, 2018

Mango Kulfi - Instant and no cook version

Summer is no fun without Icecreams and Kulfis. And if the kulfis are flavored with some fresh mangoes then that makes the summer complete. Sourcing some good mangoes here is not easy. But we have succeeded in getting something nearest to the perfect ones. We have been lucky to have found out one such source and we have put it to good use in every way possible - Mango Shakes, Mango icecream, Mango Shrikhand , Mango Lassi etc. It feels good to have tried a little bit of this and that, that you have grown up enjoying in the Indian summer.

This Kulfi is one big hit. It being a no cook version makes it even more favorite to me. So easy to make and such a hit at home that we have been addicted to it. It was hard to say good bye to the mangoes last summer. Now that summer is back and so are the mangoes, I can't wait to try it again. Well, this post was drafted last summer and couldn't see its existence on the blog ever since. This time I thought to let it go free and get published without fail. So here you go. Kulfi making can never get so easy as this one.

  1. 1 cup of ripe mango pulp
  2. 3/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
  3. 1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk
  4. 2 pods of Cardamom, powdered
  5. A pinch of saffron
  6. 2 tbsp of milk
  7. 2 tbsp of chopped pistachios for garnishing
  • Dissolve the saffron in 2 tbsp of milk.
  • In a blender, take the ingredients 1 - 4 and the dissolved saffron. Blend it all together.
  • Pour it into Kulfi/Icecream moulds.
  • Freeze it overnight or for a minimum of 8 hours.
  • Dip the moulds in luke warm water for about 30 secs to unmould them. 
  • Garnish it with chopped pistachios and Enjoy.
  1. You could add chopped almonds or pistachios to the kulfi mixture before freezing too.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Aam Ka Achar / Indian Mango Pickle in Mustard Oil

Mango pickle is something that we love pairing with chapathi - dal or poori-bhajji combinations. They are a pure bliss. Having spend half my life in north India, I had a special liking towards this pickle. Every time my parents would visit us, they would bring a jar of this pickle knowing that it is my favorite. But J would never understand what is so special about this pickle. He has a hate relationship with mustard oil. But having lived together for some years together and me going umm ahh over it whenever I eat :D, he started trying it and guess what I have to share the pickle with him too now .. he he. My kido too likes it. He, for some reason, calls pickle as Olli. I have no idea where he got that word from, but every time he sees me take out the pickle jar he will go on saying he wants it. 

We used to help mummy break open the mangoes, as a kid. It was a family affair if we were pickling this particular mango pickle. Right from sourcing the mangoes from our own mango tree to pickling, everyone in the family would be involved. My brother would pluck the mangoes. Washing and wiping it dry would be done by mummy and me. Breaking it open would be done by papa and mummy and we used to pull out the seeds and clean up. And pickling would be done by mummy. Everyone would then wait patiently for the pickle to be ready to eat. It tastes good if you pickle it with the hard cover of the seed on it. But you can always use just the flesh part of the mango to make it. I was lucky that the vendor did chop it out for me, which made the whole process such a breeze.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Potato and Bacon soup

The weather has been super confusing. Just one week back, we had great sunny days that we thought that the outdoor times are going to increase for us. But over this weekend it had again gone back to cloudy and gloomy days. And with such weather, some comforting soup is all what we crave for, while we stay indoors.

This potato soup has been a hit at home. My kido is a big potato fan. Infact, he says his favorite veggie is potato :). I would have been glad if he said that for atleast one of the green and leafy veggies. Well, this soup has been liked by him too that we try it every now and then. This loaded potato soup is heavy and would leave you full.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowl has been all over the internet for a while now. Usually its said, the things that look pretty are bad for health. But these smoothie bowls are pretty, healthy, easy and yummilicous (if at all that is a word.) My kid hates fruits. And you would see me mentioning that quite often in posts that include fruits. It really bothers me. I don't know why, but I really wouldn't have bothered if he likes atleast one fruit. Anyways, so this time again, the smoothie bowl was tried, to make my fruit hater take in some fruits, while I have some nuts garnished over the smoothie to bribe him.

This is one awesome breakfast or after school snack option if you are running out of time or too exhausted to make something to feed yourself and your family. So filling, so colourful and healthy that anyone would wipe the bowl clean without cribbing even a bit. I have used papaya smoothie here. But you could use any smoothie and toppings of your choice.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuna Thoran

I have been meaning to try this recipe for a long time. I had got the canned tuna and had been sitting in my store for so long. But since the expiry of these canned tuna is long I kept on procrastinating. Every time I procrastinate, it makes me think of one of our professors back in college. Every time someone would delay in submission of assignments or projects he would be like "What were you doing? Sitting on it and hatching eggs?" :P It used to be so hilarious but that atmosphere wouldn't be the right one to just laugh our lungs out right, because the professor might have been actually scolding someone. Anyways, this recipe has been pending for so long that I finally thought of trying it. And guess what, I always have canned tuna fish handy these days, in case I might want some non-veg side to prepare in just matter of minutes.

This recipe is from Nisha's blog. The very look of the picture on her blog made me tempt and wanted to try it. It is a slightly tweaked version of how my family likes it. Trust me you got to try it to enjoy what you have been missing.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Chowari Payasam / Sabudana Kheer / Tapioca Pearl Pudding

It may be known by different names that may make it sound like too complicated or sophisticated, but it is just a very basic payasam or kheer that you can put together in a matter of time. With Vishu around the corner, I thought what best can be served to my blog baby than a yummy payasam. 

Not just for sadyas, it can make a super yummy tea time/after school snack for kids as well as adults too. With just minimal ingredients and most importantly with least efforts...when you can make such a yummy payasam, then why think twice. Just go ahead and make it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Butternut Squash Erissery

The one thing I am thankful for is that my family is not very particular of having just the Indian veggies for our meals. We do cook any other veggie available, the Indian way and love them. Butternut squash is just one of them. When made erissery out of them, they are just perfect to even serve it for sadya. Since Vishu is almost around the corner, I thought I should be publishing this post for you guys to try for Vishu Sadya.

If you happen to be living in a place where butternut squash is available everywhere, but pumpkins are rarely seen, other than during thanksgiving, then this is one thing you should try, to relish on something similar to what your taste buds have been used to. Here's how to make it.

Friday, April 6, 2018


The weather has been so unpredictable recently. Last week, I thought that summer was almost here when it was too hot during the afternoons. And all of a sudden it is raining today and will be raining for the rest of the weekend too. So we are stuck at home. 

Its spring break here and with the kid also at home, we have been doing so many activities together; even cooking. And he loves it. One way to make someone eat something that they hate is to make them cook it, so that they appreciate the effort it takes to make it and the thought of having worked on it makes it interesting. So the same is the strategy that I have been doing with my kid too. Thankfully he will not get to know, untill he learns to read it here so I am safe... he he.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quinoa Cutlets

If you are observing lent, then you would know the struggle to make your non-veg loving family finish the lunch/dinner without a fuss. In an effort to make them not crib about the food at the dining table, we have been cooking varieties. Just a way to mask the absence of meat/chicken.. he he.

My kido never tries quinoa when we make it. But this cutlet was gulped down in a matter of seconds. And if you know my kid personally, you know that is a big achievement. Because otherwise, he would be sitting with the food for hours which makes me feel if an egg might hatch out of him. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bread roll ~ with potato fillings

This snack always reminds me of Leela teacher, my school teacher as well as a family friend. I have never had this snack other than made by her. When ever she would host a treat for us, this would be one of the items in the menu and that would make me soooo happy :).

I have seen her make it then. Even though I was not a big fan of cooking, I had a vague memory of the process. Being a novice to cooking in the early days of married life, this used to be one of the tea time snacks that I used to make often and feel proud of myself :). 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Strawberry Cheesecake in a glass

Desserts in a glass is what is preferred at home these days. It limits the amount of dessert that is made and consumed by a small family. Also they look so pretty. Plus, it could be directly served in a glass avoiding more dishes for you to wash 😜.

This strawberry cheesecake was made for our anniversary. I didn't add any gelatin in it for the firm texture as it would be served in a glass and I need not bother about its shape while serving. My lil one was also part of the party so I chose to just avoid using gelatin for him.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pickled Jalapenos

Every time we get our sandwiches/pizzas from outside, we love to have the jalapenos by the side to take a bite with every other bite of sandwiches. We love it that way rather than spreading it inside the sandwiches. Having married to a pickle lover, we always have stock of the indian pickles in the fridge. Now to add to it we have pickled jalapenos too that goes on top of pizzas every time we make it. Unlike Indian pickles, these pickled jalapenos are super easy to make too.

If you too are a pickle fan and would love to have it with your sandwiches and as toppings on your pizza, make it at home. Trust me, you would never go back to the store bought ones.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Honey BBQ Chicken Nuggets

No matter what the sport is, I never follow it unless its the finals. It stands true for the World cup Cricket or the Olympics or Football or any other sport. I would have no idea which match people would be talking about if it comes up in a conversation. But seeing me watch the finals with great enthusiasm would make people think, that I might have been following the match from the start. I think I really do not have the patience to keep waiting or look forward to matches every now and then. It stands true for tv shows too. I love movies which starts and ends on the same day in a matter of hours rather than watch an episode of a serial and keep wondering or worrying what would happen in the next.

Anyways, now that Super Bowl is tomorrow, I thought I should post a recipe that you would love to have while you catch up on the game. Isn't it fun to pair such events with food that each one of us like?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Capsicum and Corn Cheese Sandwich

With the bad weather change, we have been hit badly. The boy has been down and I know I am going down too or say I am going to be pulled down too. Because the lil one has been showing extra affection since he's been sick. So all those much as I love them I dread that they would end up getting me sick too and I just cannot afford to be sick. Like they skipping office/school, if only I could skip home..he he.

Thankfully I had cooked lots of food and stored, over the weekend and we have been surviving on that. But there is lots and lots of cleaning. Because my lil one hates those syrups and one dose of medicine would mean minimum of three trials to make one dose go in, rest all are just thrown up. So now, that we have the little one gone to sleep, I made myself some yummy sandwich and that is what I am here to write about. Blogging is hard work..all those clicking pics and then editing and uploading with the recipes written etc. But it is therapeutic. After a long day, it just doesn't seem to be a work now. So I am just lying on my couch munching down this sandwich and happily blogging about the recipe which you might love to have handy.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Green Chilly Pickle / Green Chilly Achar

When I say Chilly pickle, my taste buds just go out of control. I can literally feel my mouth flooding with water. And then I start walking down the memory lane which includes a red chilly pickle and Alice aunty. Once, Alice aunty came home after she went for pickle shopping. She brought in some red chilly pickle and gave us some to taste. Wow, super hot but delicious it was. I still remember having it with hot chapathis. It was heavenly.

I had never ever had such a mouthwatering pickle before. They were so good. While I was making this pickle, all the while I kept thinking about the red chilly pickle I had years and years ago and if only I could recreate that recipe. If you have a recipe, please do send me. I would be so grateful to you.

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