Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Peanut Balls/ Chikki Balls/ Kadalai Urundai

One big addict to these yumm chikkis is at my home. Jacob just loves it. When we go shopping he always keeps saying that he just can't find out one thing among so many things in an isle. But somehow, when it comes to finding out chikki in an isle, he will hunt it down somehow. 

After our marriage it didn't take long for me to realize that he liked it. As every grocery shopping list would have it included. He gets overjoyed to see it and they vanish quickly too. So we tend to make it often at home these days.

  1. 1 1/2 cups of peanuts
  2. 1 cup of shaved jaggery
  3. Ghee to grease your palms
  • In a wok, roast the peanuts, on medium flame. It should take about 10 minutes. The peanuts would have by now turned crispy and some of them would have already got its skin removed because of the roasting, while others would have got dark spots on them. At this stage, remove it form the heat and let it cool down.
  • Once it has cooled down, take the peanuts and rub it in between your palms to remove the skin. Separate the skin and keep the peanuts aside.
  • Melt the jaggery in a pan by adding 2 tbsps of water. Strain it to remove impurities, if any. Continue cooking it on medium heat, untill it reaches a consistency that when a drop of the melted jaggery is poured in a bowl of water, it should not spread but should be able to roll it into a soft ball. At this stage, turn off the heat, and quickly add the peanuts to it and mix it well so that all the peanuts get coated well with the melted jaggery. Let it cool just a little.
  • Grease your hands with ghee and start making small golf ball sized peanut balls out of them. 
  • Line it onto a plate. Once they cool down completely, store it in a dry and air tight container.
  1. You could roast the peanuts in microwave too. Spread the peanuts in a microwavable plate. Microwave it for about 3 minutes, having stirred it every minute. Remove it from the microwave. It would not appear to be crisp but let it cool down a bit. They would start getting firm and crisp.
  2. Removing the skin of the peanuts is easier when it is hot. They should be moderately hot when you are trying to remove the skin.
  3. You could choose to add some dry ginger powder to the melted jaggery to enhance the taste.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

American Omelette

We as a family, love American breakfast. And so we dine quite often at Denny's or IHOP. I particularly like the fact that, when you make it at home, even though you don't prep much the previous night, for your breakfast next morning, you could get it ready on time. And the best part ; I don't have to plead, to have it finished. Since they like it, the breakfast vanishes quickly.

Now American Omelette, unlike the Indian styled ones; are not cooked thoroughly. It took quite some time to get it right. I would end up overcooking it everytime. So its would be just like the Indian Omelette with some cheese and vegetables in it. Clearly, they cannot be tagged under American Omelette. The fact was, even though the base would get cooked, the surface of the Omelette would remain liquidy and uncooked and it would make me flip it and cook. So one trick helped me to balance even cooking of the Omelette without flipping, which make perfect American Omelette. What is that one trick? Well you will have to check out the recipe for that :).  

Monday, August 5, 2019

Blueberry Icecream

Summer is going by like a flash. Lil J was sick when it was winter. We thought things would get better when it is summer. But looks like it is never gonna get better. The never ending fever and cold is draining us out of  energy and patience too. This year we have not been having any cold treat just to make sure we are not the ones who trigger the sickness.

When working on this blueberry icecream's post I remembered how much we enjoyed it last summer to make different flavored icecreams at home and have it post lunch on hot summer afternoons. They are simple to make and great to enjoy with your family. While we are yet to enjoy icecreams this summer, I would definitely like you too enjoy your summer with homemade and yummy icereams with your family. So make it and enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Beef Chili

I can never have enough of a bowl of chilli. They are absolutely flavorful and resemble so much with the Indian taste that the first time I had it, I must admit, I fell for it. It's not a big deal to make it at home. Dropping in the ingredients into that pot gets done pretty fast. The wait time to get it cooked, while it slowly simmers, is what I get tired off. Because you keep on smelling the good stuff but you can't have it even though it is on your stove, in your house, in your vicinity but is still not done. But I must say, the wait is worth. Once served there is silence all over because everyone is just focusing on their bowl of chilli. When I say everyone, it includes lil J too. Yeah, my lil guy likes it too.

Have you ever been to Texas Roadhouse? I would have never thought of going into it, if I was not married to this Steak lover :). I remember, going into this restaurant once, when lil J was about 6 months. He screamed his lungs out, that we had to pack up our dinner and leave before we even settled down. The moment we got from there, he got calm too. May be because the restaurant is a bit dark , with loud music and the cowboy dance that everyone claps and cheer for, which might have made him restless. Thereafter we took him back to the same restaurant after he had turned two, and the way he was relishing his bowl of chilli as if he wanted to say "Why haven't you brought me here before? That is delicious" :) . Keeping aside all that story from my past, here is the recipe for the chilli we made at home and got over real fast. So you may wanna double up that recipe, if you guys are also a chilli fan like us.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Pita Pockets/ Wraps

Being from the southern part of India, we survive on rice. But occasionally we love to have variety. Well who doesn't like variety right? These pita pockets are one such variety that we like to have for quick fix dinners. And when the name is fancy, dish is easy to put together and moreover has great taste and is healthy; we do repeat it often for dinner. Esp. in the hot summer, every single bite on the veggies that goes into the pita bread is so refreshing . They are great to be served in parties, as guests can build their own pita pockets as per their taste. Just have variety of veggie/protein filling options to be served.

Go read how I build my pita pocket in the recipe section. There are some other options that you could try too to suit your taste buds. Try it at home and come back to let me know if you liked it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Homemade Wholewheat Cracker

Summer Holidays are on. When kids stay at home during the hot summer mornings; demands for snacks is on high. They keep munching on snacks continuously to avoid being bored. Stocking up on snacks which are homemade, simple to make, healthy and yum is always looked up to. These crackers are something I tried a long ago. No matter how big a batch I make, I always run out of it pretty soon. But if they tend to last, they store well too. 

These crackers are great to eat as it is or when paired with a dip. Make it this summer season and enjoy it while at home or carry along, if you are hitting the road for a trip. Because homemade is always the best.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Broccoli Salad

Salads are not something my family would be interested in being served with. We have tried to include it into our meals but it had never worked out well. Having said that,  we never gave up trying it. And hence trying out this broccoli salad once, made us realize that this recipe is a keeper. This salad definitely is not less in calories but if you hate having salads, this could be something you may wanna try and tweak it to go low in calorie intake. 

This salad is great to be included in potlucks, summer/pool parties, thanksgiving dinners  etc. With minimal effort this salad is definitely a pleaser.  If it is coming from a salad hater like me then you should definitely give a try and come back and tell me if you liked it too. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Malar Unda/ Pori Ladoo

I still remember the first time I ate Pori Ladoo. One of the peon uncles from my father's office has asked to come to their home and it being a chance for us as kids to see the farms and the crops they cultivate etc., my father took us one day. They served us with these pori ladoos. Those were huge in size. I was glad that they were huge, because we were taught to be decent and just pick one when offered and don't just hog over the entire plate of it when served. So the huge one was equivalent to eating three actually :). Ever since we returned, I used to nag my mother to make it at home. And then one day my mother made it.

The other day, me and Jordan stepped into an Indian store to grab some rusk and tea biscuits for Big J, being down with fever. I was in a hurry to get back home and my lil guy kept on checking out everything kept in the isle and asking me what it is. When he landed on the pack of pori ladoo he was like "Mama, can I get it?" Immediately, I had the flash back of my childhood when I asked my mother to make it. We didn't get the pori ladoo though but I promised I shall make it for him and we made it the same day. Seeing him relish, I was assured he has my genes too :D. Anyways, coming back to Pori Ladoo, if you love these ladoos and crave for them, try making it at home. They can be made in no time.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Mango and Chia Seed Pudding

Something cool and healthy to have in the upcoming hot days of summer - that is what today's post is all about. The best part of this pudding is that there is no cooking involved, isn't that a relief , now that the hot days are approaching. I have used mangoes here while we try to make the best use of this lovely fruit this summer. You could go with berries or any fruit of your choice.

We love it as a good option for breakfasts or as desserts post lunch/dinner. They are good either ways. Another plus is that you can never go wrong in this, after all, all it takes is mixing the ingredients and chilling. Anyone could do it right? So get your kid also participate in preparing something delicious and healthy this summer vacation season and enjoy as a family.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cherry Loaf

One good thing about summer is the cheeries . We cannot have enough of them. Even though we don't mind having it raw; trying different and variety desserts out of them is fun. This cherry loaf was just an outcome of a such a trial and we loved it. The bite into a juicy piece of cherry within the loaf piece is so refreshing.

The loaf is very easy to put together. At the same time, it is so addictive and gets over really quickly that you may want to bake more than a loaf at a time if you would want them to last more than a day :). Here is the recipe for the cherry loaf.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mango Pudding

Mango - one fruit that is always looked forward to be enjoyed during summer in different forms is my favorite among fruits. May be because of the rendezvous that we do have with the best tasting mango during summer. It always happens with us that we tend to research/try different mangoes available in the market  and by the time we have spotted the best source for the delicious mangoes the summer comes to an end and we have to wait for another summer to come to enjoy this fruit.

But no matter what, we do enjoy this fruit during summer as if there is no end to it. In the form of drinks, desserts etc. they are always in high demand at home. This time we tried the pudding that is very easy peasy to put together and highly appreciated by everyone. These are great to treat your friends for a summer party. So try and let me know if you liked it.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Thai Yellow Fish Curry

Being from the south, coconut is one ingredient that we tend to add in most of our dishes. While trying different cuisine, we have felt that, thai dishes have a very close resemblance to the dishes that we make every other day and also is being appreciated by our taste buds. This thai curry is just the perfect dish to make on a busy weekday when you might want to just spend the least time in the kitchen but would be craving to want a restaurant style dinner.

It may sound impossible but this curry is so simple to put together that, in just 30 minutes, you would have made the most amazing dinner for your family which would taste so delicious that it may look like as if you slogged in the kitchen to put it together and who wouldn't love to be appreciated for the end result where you would've just put in the least effort :P. So here's the recipe that I follow to have a easy peasy thai curry.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Soya Chunks Ularthiyathu

Lent and advent are two times of the year that we try too many recipes. Because feeding pure non veg family, vegetarian food alone for those number of days is a difficult thing. Soya chunks is one thing that remains in stock during this time. Nutritious and similar in taste to chicken/meat makes them a hit at home.

Soya chunks ularthiyathu is so simple. I have used a some what similar recipe as that of beef ularthiyathu, but this soya chunks ularthiyathu is half the effort and mess that is created by beef. So why don't you too try it. It goes perfect with chapathi or rice. Don't forget to make additional chapathi or rice. Because I know it is gonna be a hit and they would eat more than usual :).

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Garlic and Herb Pull Apart Bread

It is very unlikely to get this freezing cold in our part of the world. It doesn't snow but it snowed...atleast on the mountains, that is visible from our nest. Even though we would love to stay all tucked in the blanket, we have places to go to and so it doesn't get any better. Should I mention the countless number of times that the kido has fallen sick in the past one month...uff..I just want it all to end and embrace the warmth of the sun which seems to be hiding somewhere. I know I am going to say something totally contradictory when it would get too hot in summer. But hey isn't that human :D.

Anyways, coming back to food, we have been trying to keep ourselves warm with some great food which is easy to make and provides warmth to the body in this dropping temperature. This bread is just the perfect one for the crazy weather conditions. They are great for the tea time with some hot cup of coffee or tea. It has a blend of a variety of flavours that will definitely wake your taste buds esp. if you have been under the weather lately given the crazy weather. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Stuffed Ladysfinger / Bharvan Bhindi / Bhindi Sambhariya

Watching television was never an addiction to me and after having Jordan I ignored it purposely to reduce screen time for him. But at times to keep my sanity I switch it on for him. One day accidentally I saw some basics of cooking being taught in a food channel and they were showing 3 different dishes with one single vegetable. The veggie being okra, which is a family favorite I chose to watch it. Thankfully Jordan cooperated as he started imitating the lady by cooking in the vessels he borrowed from mamas kitchen. 

The recipes were simple and that we usually see or eat everyday. But everyone has got their own version and this version sounded cool. So I made a note of it and tried it. It was a hit. So here is the recipe that I got hold of and is a keeper.

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