Thursday, August 17, 2017

Homemade Ghee

Ghee - This gold liquid is something that I would always have in stock. Making it at home used to look tedious to me whenever I saw my mom separate the cream from the milk everyday and store it in the refrigerator untill she would have collected enough to go for a batch of ghee. The cream would be churned into butter and then converted to ghee. And the greasy dishes would be another task to clean once done with the entire process.

Back then the case was different. The milk would be coming from a well known source and fresh with no adulteration. It would be still warm when delivered and more importantly full fat milk. So we had cream to remove from milk before we consumed it. But now in the market bought milk, which is cut down in fat, you cannot expect to do that. There is hardly any fat in it. So we get to make ghee from store bought butter. So there is no hazzle of fat removal from milk or churning into butter that is involved. But when you compare quality, I would definitely say the ghee made by my mom was the purest and more flavorful than the one we can get from the store bought butter. But if you can't source the purest and full fat milk where you live, you could go ahead with this simple method to have some ghee handy in your pantry.


  1. 1 lb of organic butter
  2. A thick bottom pan


  • Into the thick bottom pan, add the butter. Keep it on medium heat. The butter would melt and when completely melted, would start making a sizzling sound.
  • Wait for the sizzling sound to stop. Turn off the heat and remove from the stove.This would take about 15-20 minutes. Always eye ball it because the timings may vary with the amount of moisture in the butter or the pan that you are using or even the stove.
  • You will be left with brown crumbles to the bottom of the pan and clear golden yellow liquid on the top. Wait for the mixture to cool down.
  • Strain the ghee to remove those brown residue as you pour it into a dry air tight glass jar. Wait for it to cool down completely before you fasten the lid of the glass jar.
  • Use a dry spoon whenever you serve the ghee.


  1. Using a thick bottom pan would prevent the butter/ghee from getting burnt.
  2. The ghee would turn grainy and creamy in texture, once cold and that is totally fine. 


  1. nice back to basic post.. Ghee looks so tempting

  2. aha..smells good,hmmm.. choodu chorum parippu curryum, pappadamvum oru ithiri neyyu koodi ayaal super.. :D
    jokes apart, I too make this way now but truly said the traditional way of churning butter gives the unique flavor and taste than this way of making ghee..lovely click,Anupa!

  3. tempting and clear ghee... useful post...

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  5. informative post...that aroma is heavenly


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