Friday, April 5, 2013

My Tiramisu Charlotte Cake just turned lucky!

Yaay.... I am so excited to know that my recipe photo of Tiramisu Charlotte cake made it to the Huffington Post!!! Check it out here.

I consider it as my duty to share it with you all because I owe you. Yes, had it not been your support and encouragement, Palaharam would have been dead long back. No, I am not exaggerating, its true and straight from my heart. A BIG thanks to you all - You made Palaharam known :). Look, its on Huffington Post :).

For those of you who are like..... "Huffington Post(surprised)?" My answer would be "Yeah I know :) (sounding Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S)". For those of you who still think what is the big deal about it? My answer is "Yes, it is a big deal to me, esp. because it happened on April 4th, 2013. Because exactly one year back, this day I was asked to make a choice between work and family and I consciously chose Family. At the same time, I definitely miss working and hate sitting at home idle. While I was trying to  engage myself with little hobbies like crocheting, cooking, photography etc. my husband came up with an idea to start this blog. Since then this blog had been something I had been obsessed with and had been gifting me with little things that keeps me going. So yes, it is indeed a big deal for me :). And its all about enhancing my interests and this blog has definitely helped me attain it. "

During the initial days of Palaharam, I looked out for the no. of visitors on the blog, comments, likes etc. everyday. Days passed by and then months, I hardly found anything. Everytime I was at the verge of giving up, there would be a visit on my blog and that would be a push for me to post another recipe, with the hope that whoever it was, would come back again on my blog :). Sounds silly, isn't it? Well, a couple of months back, I had submitted the Coconut Macaroon recipe to Scotch Brite for their Sweetest of Gift cookie exchange during the Holiday season and it got shortlisted and they send across a baking cleanup kit from Scotch Brite. Even that let me fly in air. So its confirmed now - crazy lady, I am :).

For all of you who have been visiting Palaharam, or are here for the first time, here is a request - Keep visiting and do feel free to share your thoughts,ideas and tips to make Palaharam better.

With the new spark in me to keep Palaharam active, here is Palaharam signing off for now(i.e. untill the next recipe is up) :)


  1. thyis luks soo cute, dear..soo neat !! where r u in Pala ? my husband is from Bharananghanam..:)

  2. so cute luking n tempting...very well done:)

  3. This cake looks very beautiful & keep on the good work! I just realized that I was not following your blog:( I am now going to be one of your regular readers:)


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