Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ragi Poori

Before being a mother, I never had to hesitate or give a second thought of trying new recipes which were complicated and would make me spend the major part of my day in the kitchen. But with a toddler, I have become choosy. Something that is quick to make but new in taste and nutritious yet delicious, makes it to the table. Believe me, its more difficult to think what to make rather than actually making it.

My toddler is not that fussy eater (touchwood), but he would like varieties. I won't blame him because I too would get bored of rice/ chapathi everyday. So we tend to create new things for him whenever possible to bring in variety, to avoid any scenes of tantrum that he might create and leave me crazy.

Ragi has been my savior in creating variety yet healthy meal options. These ragi pooris just recently made it to the list of ragi dishes that I have been trying lately. And no, they don't taste awkward but are yumm. You got to try it to know.

  1. 1 cup of whole wheat flour 
  2. 1 cup of ragi flour 
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Water 
  5. Oil for deep frying 
  • In a bowl, mix the wheat flour, ragi flour and salt. Now add water little by little as you knead it and form a smooth ball of dough. 
  • Pinch out small balls of dough. Sprinkle wheat flour as and when needed to prevent sticking when, rolling out the balls into discs. 
  • Heat the oil for frying. Once hot, turn it down to medium. Drop one poori at a time. As soon as you drop the poori, gently push it into the oil using the slotted spoon. This would help puff up the poori. Once one side is fried, turn it and fry the other side. Remove it from the oil having drained away excess oil and place it in a colander lined with tissue paper.
  • Serve it hot with Green peas curry, aloo curry, any curry that could go with it or just Aamras is also great.
  1. Do not roll the dough balls in excess flour, else it would leave residue in oil. 
  2. Tapping or gently pushing the pooris into the oil with the laddle would help puff up the pooris.
  3. You could add a tbsp of rawa while making the dough for extra crispiness.

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  1. aha kollalo puffed up pooris,I too make it sometimes..I too posted a ragi recipe today,same pinch ;)


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