Monday, June 12, 2017

Mango Ice Cream ~ Without Ice-Cream maker

Not a single summer passes by without having ice cream. Well, I wouldn't mind having it during chilled weather too. But the flavour of fresh mangoes in ice creams can be enjoyed only in summer.

When I say homemade ice cream, it can be as creamier and rich as the store bought ones and No, you need not have an ice cream maker to make one like that. It's pretty simple . Do try it and enjoy it. You can thank me later :).

  1. 2 medium sized ripe mangoes
  2. 1 cup of milk
  3. 200 ml of cream, chilled
  4. 1 1/2 cup of sugar or as per taste
  • Peel and chop the mangoes. Blend or grind the mango and milk into a fine paste or purée . 
  • In a bowl, take the chilled cream and sugar. Beat it with a wired whisk or hand mixer untill they form soft peeks. 
  • To it add the mango purée. Beat it one more time just enough to blend everything well. 
  • Transfer it into a air tight freezer proof container . Freeze it for about 5-6 hours or untill partially set. Remove it from the freezer and run the hand mixer to beat it and break the ice crystals. Or you could transfer it into a blender bowl and blend it well. Then transfer it back to the container. Repeat the freeze and beat process one more time.
  • Then freeze it completely. Scoop out ice creams and enjoy.
  1. Do not whip the cream too much, else it would turn into buttermilk. 
  2. Beating of the mixture once set partially, would help break the formation of ice crystals and give it a smooth texture.
  3. You could add in a pinch of saffron for additional flavors.
  4. You could add some condensed milk, instead of the milk, to make it rich. In that case, you would want to cut down the amount of sugar added.


  1. Look at the color of that deliciousness! Yum...

  2. Homemade icecream brings back memories of school summer days.My mom and aunt used to make them - although I cant for certain remember how they made it - it definitely tasted different from the store brought icecream. Nevertheless it was icecream!! So we licked our plates clean! I am sure your little one had a whole lot of it!

    1. Mom's icecream is always delicious ,no matter how they are made :). Thanks

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  4. Anupa your ice cream has all natural ready to available ingredients. I will try this one. What cream did you use? Whipped cream or regular fresh cream ?

    1. I used heavy whipping cream . Sorry for the late reply Ritu, was a little held up with some work

  5. wow! looks so creamy perfect for the season

  6. Easy to make and you can also relish mangoes in another way.. brilliant looking ice cream dear 😊

  7. wow..that's super yummy ice cream,drooling over the homemade ice creams :)


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