Monday, February 13, 2017

Strawberry Shrikhand

Valentine's Day is incomplete without something red or pink is what the commercial world says. So I thought of adding something pink as my next post.

I hardly believe in celebrating Valentine's Day as the only day of expressing love. But when I decided to post strawberry shrikhand and saw that the Valentine's Day is around the corner, I thought of tagging this post as Vday special just in case my readers were interested in celebrating it and we're looking for recipes to make their day special. So here it it 

  1. 4 medium sized strawberries, washed, pitted and diced 
  2. 3 tbsp of sugar
  3. 1 1/2cup of hung curd/ yogurt (refer tips)
  • In a blender jar, add the sugar and grind it to fine powdered sugar. To it add the strawberries and blend it untill the strawberries purée well. 
  • In a bowl, take the hung curd and add the strawberry and sugar mixture to it. Beat it well with hand untill everything combines well and it is free of lumps. 
  • Remove it onto serving bowls and refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hrs or overnight. 
  • Top it with some chopped strawberries or dry fruits like pistachios or almonds and serve chilled. 
  1. Take a big net sieve. Transfer about 2 to 2 1/2 cups of yogurt to it. Do not worry, the yogurt will not pass through the sieve. Just the whey would pass through the sieve. Keep a container at the bottom to collect the whey. Keep the entire thing in the refrigerator overnight or for about 6-8 hours. The end result would be thick hung curd. You could use a Muslin cloth instead of the sieve. 
  2. You could add and whisk in some powdered cardamom too for additional flavour.
  3. I didn't sieve/filter/separate the seed portion of strawberries. If you do not like bitting on to them in your shrikhand then you could separate them from the strawberry purée by passing through a sieve before adding the purée into the hung curd.


  1. healthier treat too.. Happy Valentine's day

  2. Wow strawberry srikhand sounds yummm. Best in taste and best for the heat there too.

    1. Thanks Meena :)... Ohh, here it is cold too and we have been craving for some sunshine....but not as cold as in your part of the world.. hope the snow has settled now

  3. I do not have a sweet tooth and rarely attempt deserts! So as is obvious I have never read a Shrikhand recipe and I thought it to be something complicated! And then I saw your ingredient list - imagine my shock!! Just 3 ingredients and it does not look all that sweet either!Now I am wondering why I kept back the box of strawberries we had initially picked up at the supermarket yesterday!!!!!

    1. Thanks :)... you should try it if you haven't done till now... such an easy thing and so yum they are..

  4. Ohhh myyyy... I just realized that i totally missed this strawberry recipe in this season.I am just hoping now that i could get some fresh strawberries..


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