Monday, June 6, 2016

Product Review - Chilli Guava by paper Boat

One afternoon, the security called up to say that I had a parcel. I asked him to confirm if it was for me. Because I was not expecting a courier and also every now and then, the courier guys land up in my apartment by mistake. It was a surprise to receive this package from Paper Boat , yet again. And see how beautifully packed it came, in a box of memories.

The wordings on the box was enough to bring back those childhood memories. Indeed, I had such a box where I used to store such precious( to me) but junk (for my mom) stuff. I remember storing manjadi kuru, old photos, stamps, cute little bottles of homeo medicines or some oil. Now when I think about it, I feel so silly. But at the same time, I think how we used to find happiness in little things the so called junk too :), while we were kids. 

Well, coming back to the package. The box of memories that Paper Boat had sent across has something to trigger my tastebuds. I remember, climbing up the guava tree at our house, or grandma's house with cousins, to pluck some ripe ones and have it with some chilli and salt. Ohh the joy of having it... When I moved into college, I used to have it from the lady outside our college, carrying huge basket filled with guavas. The same taste is recreated in the form of a drink and sealed into cute little packs labelled Chilli Guava by Paper Boat. The flavour of all the spices was just apt for the drink.  It is nothing but the same old memories packed as a drink.They were just amazingly perfect. Loved the drink.

 Indeed, Paper boat did bring back my childhood memories through their drink. And if you too want to refresh your childhood memories then I would say try it. These drinks are easily available in most grocery stores. Chill it and enjoyyy.

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