Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi was one of my favorite while I was pregnant. I survived the first trimester, having lassi and dosa, made by one of the restaurants. We were so frequent there, that once, they didn't even take our order but brought us masala dosas and lassi. Well the server was a rude one too and was trying to make fun of us I suppose.

My hormones were so active that I wanted to just send back that plate of dosa and lassi saying I never ordered for them. But Jacob somehow calmed me down saying, afterall this is what we wanted to order and that this was the only place he could source dosa for me. I couldn't make it myself as it would make me sick. Well, that was the last time we were there at that restaurant because I hunted down another restaurant the very next day which turned out to be serving awesome menu.

Anyways, lassi is such a refreshing drink that I so love drinking. If you too love lassi, you got to try it.

  1. 2 cups of chilled thick Curd
  2. 1 cup of drinking water
  3. 7-8 tbsp of sugar
  4. Seeds of 1 cardamom, crushed
  5. A pinch of saffron

  • In a mortar- pestle, crush the cardamom seeds.
  • In a jug/tumbler, take the curd. Whisk it well. Now add the saffron and crushed cardamom to it. Mix it.
  • Now add the sugar and water. Whisk it well untill the sugar dissolves and the curd mixture turns frothy.
  • Pour it into a glass and serve chilled.

  1. There are different versions of lassi. Though I have included cardamom in the ingredients, I haven't used it. Jacob hates bitting into cardamom and so I avoid using it. But it definitely helps flavor up the lassi. I have seen people using cumin powder as well. Personally I don't like it, but you may try it too.
  2. Adding of sugar and water should be eyeballed. It would vary as per you taste and need for a thick/runny lassi.


  1. I totally love lassi and love it with milk... feel like grabbing that glass...

  2. Lassi are great coolers in Summer.. That whisk is looking just gorgeous!! great shot.

  3. Refreshing Lassi... Perfect for summer...tempting pics...

  4. must need for this weather... lovely lassi..

  5. Oh too good☺would love to have that glass

  6. Everyone at home is complaining about the severe heat.Hope they get some respite with natural drinks like this.
    Loving the lassi.

    1. Oh yes, its super hot gets as high as 105 F... I used to crib about summer in Phoenix but this is worse.


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