Monday, February 1, 2016

Restaurant Style Paper Dosa

The township that I was brought up in, had an Indian Coffee House(ICH) near by our school. Whether it may be birthday of a friend, a farewell party or old friends getting together, the ICH was never spared. It remains the same, is what I got to hear from my juniors. It had been a favorite place to hang out in that little township. I guess most of my visits there was accompanied with an order for masala dosa.

Even though we used to make dosas at home, we always had the tendency of ordering for dosas while in a restaurant. Mainly because their dosas being crispy and thin and the very thought makes your mouth watery.

My husband had always been requesting me to make thin and crispy dosa(restaurant style) at home. And however thin I make, it does not turn out to be crispy. Later, when I came across this recipe, I realized that its not just rice and urad dal that goes into it, but other ingredients that determine its crispiness. So here it goes, the recipe for a crispy dosa. Now we no longer order dosa while we are at a restaurant :).


  1. 2 cups of white rice
  2. 1 cup of parboiled / ponni rice
  3. 1 cup of urad dal
  4. 2 tbsp of chana dal
  5. 1/2 tsp of fenugreek seeds
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Water
  8. Oil
  • Wash the ingredients 1-5 separately. Soak them in water, overnight.
  • Drain out excess water from them. 
  • In a grinder, grind the urad dal, fenugreek seeds and chana dal , having added water as required, to form a batter. Remove it into a bowl.
  • Grind the white rice and ponni rice, having added water as required to form a batter. Pour it into the bowl.
  • Add salt as per taste and mix thoroughly so that both the batter gets incorporated well.
  • Store it in a warm place and leave it to ferment.
  • Once fermented, give the batter a gentle mix.
  • Heat the skillet. Drizzle few drops of oil and wipe it off with a paper towel.
  • Pour a ladle full of batter in the middle of the skillet and spread the batter outward in a circular motion with a flat bottom steel bowl.
  • Once the dosa looks cooked and starts getting golden brown, drizzle few drops of oil over it. Remove it on to the serving plate 
  • For Masala dosa, place the potato masala in the center and roll it.
  • Serve hot with sambhar and coconut chutney.
  1. Chana dal brings about crispiness to the dosa and hence you shouldn't avoid using it.
  2. You could avoid ponni rice, if its not available.
  3. For the fermentation to happen during cold months, you could place it in the oven with its lights on/ preheat the oven slightly and turn it off and then place the bowl with the batter in it.

Recipe Courtesy : Show me the curry


  1. Always my favorite.... We all have a past of giving and getting treats with ghee roast or masala dosa..... :)

    1. Thanks Remya...oh ya...ghee roast and masala dosa used to be the trend furing our times...these days its burgers and fried chicken :P

  2. Hi, First of all, I am totally hungry looking at these crispy dosas. Being a species that has eaten dosa from childhood and still drools and cannot take my eyes off the paper dosa that are larger than plate in 'hotel' even today...this is too much to take. Brilliant pictures. So happy to have found your blog with so many mouthwatering recipes.

  3. I love how the way this looks!!! So crispy... That addition of chana dal is interesting...will try this!

  4. And oh yes, ICH... Anytime we take long road trips, I look around for one. Though HD is not a foodie, I drag him with me to have a masala dosa and filter coffee... and yes, their dosa is amazingly crisp and huge too... :)

    1. Oh you have them there too......interesting...This is one pure veg that my husband won't complain of eating when we are out,else he would hunt for non veg :P

  5. Do you eat it or frame it? I can never get mine this thin and perfect. Beautiful job, Anupa.

  6. Dosa - esp paper dosa is one of my go to item when I visit Indian Restaurant .. This looks so so tempting!

  7. This is the most needed recipe... Thanks for sharing

  8. Hi Palaharam,

    I'm totally impressed with your paper thin dosa! It is top restaurant quality!


  9. wow i oved how crispy and thin this dosa is..trult like an restaurant style..i will def add chana dal next time..thanks for sharing the tip dear...

  10. wow perfectly done and your clicks also superrb

  11. Hi, u have a beautiful space here with neat pics n presentation... Simple n easy to follow...
    Dosas look perfect n yummy....can we grind it using the mixie grinder jar? If then ingredients quantity remain the same or not?
    Thanx for all wonderful recipes..

    1. Thank u so much for stopping by my blog...

      U could grind it in the mixie grinder jar...infact, I always prepare the dosa batter in the grinder jar...and the quantity of the ingredients would remain the same.

  12. Crispy dosa is one thing everyone agrees in one tone in my house :). Feels to take a bite out of the dosa right now.

  13. I followed this paper dosa from tastespotting. So beautiful, my friend.


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