Friday, October 16, 2015

Healthy Tailgating Tips/ Recipes for the football season !

It's the football season, which calls for tailgating parties. The fun just gets doubled when watching the game is paired with food. And if the food is healthy; that won't pack on the pounds, its an instant hit. So this post is all dedicated to healthy tailgating tips/ recipes. Hope I would be able to inspire you with my snack-spiration :).

Tailgating is incomplete without a Burger or hotdogs. When the layer of patty gets interestingly different in taste, ingredients and health wise; it has to get a thumbs up. This Burger with fish Patty would make an amazing item for tailgating. And ya, it wouldn't let you go too full unlike cheese burgers, that you can't enjoy other items on the menu. Another option could be to go with Stuffed buns (with Chicken filling) . They lack the greens, unlike Burgers, but they are less messy to be served as well as to have. The Corn on the cob could pair well with the burger. Slightly sweet and juicy yet has the spiciness of paprika and sourness of lemon - This simple corn on the cob is a blend of possibly many flavors that one could ask for. You could also scoop out the corn and serve them in the glass with spoon.

Now, coming to the drinks. You would need to consider something other than just beer to serve as a drink. And serving this Iced Lemon Tea is such a healthier alternative to coke. So refreshing. It could also pair well with this Pizza and the Baked chicken thighs, another options you could give a shot.

If you want to go very low with the calorie intake, then this Grilled Vegetable Sandwich cannot be skipped. It would be so quick to put together and ready in a blink of an eye, that it has to be the tailgating topper. Grilled sausages in hotdogs are usually the ones that are mostly looked forward to, during tailgating. What if, deroute and take a different way of serving sausages by serving these cute pigs in a blanket. They would be a perfect snack item for this season.

Not happy with any of the options? You may consider serving Meat balls Asian style. We had an amazing tailgating party a couple of years back and serving these meat balls was a right choice as it was a big hit. Wondering what could go as a light and balancing side for these heavy meat bells? Amazingly crisp and refreshing bite on these Lettuce wrap would serve the purpose. You got to try it. 

Snacking on a little bit of cookie/muffin is okay untill you stay within limits and choose for healthiest amongst them. These Chocolate dipped strawberriesBlueberry Muffins and  Oatmeal Raisin cookies are some amazingly healthier options for your sweet tooth.

Hope this list comes to use while you tailgate this football season and have an amazing time with friends and family.

I would wanna thank for inspiring me to do a post on possible healthy tailgating recipes this football season. Don't forget to visit their website which has lot more healthy snacking options.


  1. Lovely options donoo which one to choose from these..burger sandwich or Asian meat balls.

  2. lovely collection dear,am feeling hungry now..ellam oro plate poratte ;)

  3. Looking at all these delicious food that you have made for the football season, I guess that your family must be wishing that the football season is never over :p


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