Friday, June 27, 2014

Arabian grape juice

Arabian grape juice reminds me of Oasis, a hotel that had opened up just next to our college. We used to looove the Arabian grape juice served there. We being a huge gang of friends, every month there would be one or two birthdays that we would celebrate. With Oasis having come up so close, we changed the birthday cake cuttings from cafeteria's or parks to Oasis. We(the noisy bunch of college students) could cut the cake as well as get a glass of this juice (which was super filling) so the restaurant guys also could not say no to us. Later we overheard a server nicknaming us as 'The juice gang'. So we had to put a full stop to our birthdays celebrations to be held there but used to still go there in small bunch to drink this juice.

I have no idea if the same restaurant does exist there but I would so love to go back and enjoy that chilled glass of juice to refresh old memories. But for now, as an alternative I am just going to drink this homemade juice sitting at home and pretend I am with that same noisy gang back there in Oasis :). Even though you may not have nostalgic moments attached to this grape juice, you should try it. It is so good and filling that you are sure to make this quite often.


  1. 1 lbs/ 1/2 kg of black grapes
  2. 1 1/4 cups of sugar
  3. 2 cups of water

  • Soak the grapes in water and a tbsp of salt for about 1/2 hour. Rinse and wash the grapes thoroughly. Separate the stem from the grapes.
  • In a pressure cooker, add the grapes, water and sugar. Let it cook for 2 whistles on high. Remove it from the heat. Once it cools down completely, open the lid and check on the water content and sweetness. Adjust the water content if you feel it is too thick. Also taste test it for sweetness as you require and boil it again.
  • Let it cool a little. Remove the skin of the grapes that you would by now see floating on top of the mixture. 
  • Let it cool completely before you store it in the fridge. Serve it chilled.
  1. You could choose to strain the entire mixture to take only the liquid content for the juice. However, having it with the pulp of the grape in it is how we prefer. It is more filling and moreover, with the skin already removed it is easy to consume.


  1. Oh don't remind me of college days so many flavors still linger in my mouth.
    Grape juice looks stunning reminds me of wine :).

  2. real refreshing healthy drink !!

  3. this sounds really good... awesome snaps too dear...

  4. WOW lovely pics and just want to pick that glass off the screen :-) I should try this soon!
    How is the little one doing Anupa? hugs n kisses!

    1. Thank u Rekha...My lil man has got his clock set to a different time zone... so he stays awake till 3-4 am and then goes to bed.. we serious hope and keep trying to get him adjusted to our schedule.... otherwise he is doing good :)

  5. divine stunning looks! that is a lovely drink for sure

  6. Wow Anupa. this is absolutely gorgeous. thanks for sharing dear. will surely make it once we get good black grapes here.

  7. this looks so great and a refreshing juice...colourful!

  8. I remember my Grandpa used to drink the black grape juice everyday as he was on special diet. It was made without cooking and just squeezing the juice out of the black grapes using hands. When I saw this pic on fb, it reminded me of that juice. Isn't the color so vibrant?

    Hope kunju vava is doing good :)

  9. You are brilliant making your own grape juice!

  10. Lovely pics this looks refreshing !

  11. juice looks yummy n awesome pics dear

  12. Those good old college days were the best days of my life...for us it was lime juice but, didnt have the pocket money to buy any other fancy juices :P I am a grape juice fan and during those school/college summer hols I used to make fresh grape juice at home but without cooking. I remember straining the skin was really painful,and i used to hate it .if I knew about this juice back then I would have definitelt tried it.Hope all is well at ur side, love to vava :)

  13. Super refreshing drink, definitely a prefect summer drink.

  14. I remember those college days and grape juice. I will try this one. You young guy is sleeping nicely or waking up more often.

  15. Even we make the same grape juice...only think is that i don't pressure cook it, boil it until it reduces and grape are super soft...have already posted in my blog too.. my amma used to give when i was pregnant..nalla rakthaprasadam undavum..

  16. Woww this is new to me. Pressure cooking the fruit!! Thanks for sharing


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