Monday, September 24, 2012

About Palaharam

Hi there,

I am Anupa, a stay at home mom of baby Jordan and wife of big baby Jacob :P. The year 2012 marked the beginning of this blog as I gave up corporate life, which left me with too much free time and too little to do. I am one among you, who figured out blogging as a way to enhance my interest in cooking and try out things that excites me and something that my family would enjoy having. As I took over the role of first time mom in 2014, blogging has taken a slow pace but I haven't given up yet :). I would continue to blog at my baby's convenience :P. Now that I have told you about myself and before I start to speak more about this blog, Welcome to Palaharam!

I am not a cook neither academically nor professionally but I guess genetically, I kind of inherited it. I am still wondering, why it took me so long to have found that:). My grand mother is a great cook, and so is my mother. Guess what, my family believed that, the genes went missing somewhere, as the grand child's (me) most hated place to hang around, at home, turned out to be the kitchen. Yes.... I used to ignore going into the kitchen with the fear that I might end up frying something or making a dough. But as is said 'Necessity is the mother of all creation'. The Necessity, in my case, came in the form of marriage, as it might have happened to most of the girls out there. With the new job description added onto my resume of life - a host to relatives and friends and not to forget, my husband - I started blog hopping to learn cooking, from scratch, and entertaining our guests with creative recipes :). Yes I am indebted to the internet, the culinary blog writers and to my mother who patiently explained certain recipes on call, though she might at times say, 'You could have avoided such a long call, if at all....'.

We used to take pictures of anything and everything that I cooked and keep it safe, to point and laugh at, after a while , when the same dish might have turned out to be in a better shape and texture.Well now, that my dormant culinary genes are in a process to be turning active, I decided to start a blog that could turn out to be

  - a repository of the recipes, that I have tried and did turn out a success.
  - a hope to all those who know me and don't know to cook, that - If I can do it, you definitely can.
  - a push to try out new things so that we could capture them and upload it here.
  - a platform to thank the food bloggers who have been my motivation through out.
  - a fulfillment of my husband's wish, of having an online menu, that he could look at and order :).

Keep visiting us and try out the recipes. And while you are munching the snack, that you might have tried out, come back to leave us a comment/suggestion that could help us improve. You could use the 
'Contact Us' form to get in touch with us. If you would like to stay connected and updated with us, you could follow us on the below mentioned social media platform.


So untill, you visit us next time, its Palaharam , signing off :) .

A Humble Note - All the pictures uploaded on Palaharam, are clicked by us. Hence, its copyrighted as well :). It hurts me a lot when I see people sharing pictures without having given due credits/mentioning about the origin. There is a lot of effort, time and sacrifice that goes into the whole cooking and photography, before it gets the form of a published post. Half the time we don't get to enjoy the food hot, just because we need to click pictures of it. I get to be the laughing stock of my neighbours who see me out in the balcony, leaning over the food/ lying down to get the best shot possible. The worst of all, sitting and sorting the best among the number of clicks that has been taken, before it goes into the content. I agree that most of the recipes posted on Palaharam are not entirely mine. But I do try to make a conscious effort to refer to the people/blog that I might have learnt/inspired from. So, here is a humble request to please do mention the source/ ask us before you use the pics of Palaharam or may be any other blog, for that matter. 


  1. Hi Anupa,

    Thanks for swinging by my space. I guess we both started our blogs around the same time last year. Isn't that wonderful to meet people who share the same interest and idea through blogging? You have a great space!!!

    1. Hey Shibi,

      Oh ya absolutely. Blogging has indeed helped me make some good friends and learn from them a lot. So glad to have met you here :)

  2. you have a great space. happy to know you and your great space...

  3. nice reading about you Anupa. me too got into this field exactly coz of necessity. Till i got married, i was jsut the dish washer and chopper ..:)

  4. Very glad to read about u Anupa....An amazing blog and feeling happy to follow u:)

  5. Such a neat and good space.. First time here and it feels great to see your space.. Well written.. nice to know more about you and glad to follow you.. :)

  6. Hi Anupa,
    you have a nice blog... Ur blog name was inviting, and I came here... I am ur new follower...nice collection of recipes

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