Thursday, July 10, 2014

Broccoli soup

Broccoli has never been my cup of tea. We had bought it just once and never again after that. Even at the restaurants, if it is served as a side , I would just leave it untouched.

Whenever I used to see recipes related with Broccoli in it, I would wonder what makes people to love it. And then one day, I saw Broccoli soup being posted by Meena and Divya. Those soups seemed to be attractive because they didn't have broccoli visible in them(they had added them having pureed). I thought may be if I try something similar, it could drive off the dislike towards Broccoli and it worked. We loved it. It served as a warm appetizer for our dinner.

Try it and if you too are not a fan of Broccoli, I wish it turns out to be a turning point for you to start loving it like I did.

  1. 1 Medium sized Broccoli floret
  2. 3 tbsp of white onion, cut into small cubes
  3. 2 tsp of finely chopped garlic
  4. 1 Capsicum/ Bell pepper cubed
  5. 3 tsp of butter
  6. 1 cup of vegetable stock
  7. 1/2 cup of milk
  8. 1 tbsp of corn flour
  9. Water to boil Broccoli
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Ground black pepper to taste

  • In a pan, take water and drop in the broccoli florets. Boil it untill the florets gets cooked and turn tender. Drain out the broccoli florets and preserve the water to use while grinding the broccoli.
  • In another pan, heat the butter. Add cubed onions, chopped garlic and salt to it. Let the onions turn tender. Now add capsicum/bell pepper and pepper to it. Let it get cooked. Remove it from the heat.
  • In a blender, add the cooked broccoli and cooked bell pepper mixture. Add just enough water (the water that had been used to boil broccoli) to grind them all together into a fine paste.
  • To a pan, pour in the vegetable stock and add the corn flour to it. Mix it well. Now add the ground paste to it and bring it to a boil. Then add milk to it. Let it boil and cook till you get a desired consistency for the soup.
  • Serve it hot with some crackers / croutons and some ground pepper sprinkled on top of it.

  1. You could use ghee(clarified butter) instead of butter if you wish to.
  2. You could substitute corn flour with all purpose flour to bring about thickness to the soup.
  3. If you eat chicken, then you could use chicken stock to make the non vegetarian in you happy :).
  4. You could avoid adding black pepper to the soup and then leave it to be added as required while you have it by sprinkling on top of the soup.

Recipe courtesy : Adapted from Elephant and the coconut trees and Dishing with Divya


  1. Soup looks super healthy and love the clolor!!

  2. creamy and tasty soup.. Look at this color

  3. Soup looks delish Anupa :-) My daughter is an absolute broccoli fan and loves steamed or a soup!

  4. I am doing a happy feet dance Anupa :) I am really happy that we inspire each other to eat veggies we haven't tried before. Kale is like a staple in my house now.
    When everyone orders French fries or something fried as side in the restaurant and I order broccoli followed by mocking by my friends saying idu pinne pullu thinnuna jaadi analloo.. :)

    1. Thank u Meena....this soup was liked by both of us as well as my it has been reviewed by 4 ppl...:) thank u making me love broccoli :D

  5. When it comes to broccoli, my whole family loves it steamed, raw or even cooked in any form. I make mezhukupuratti with broccoli too. Broccoli soup is always comforting.

  6. Healthy soup Anupa... I love the way you present and love your clicks as well....

  7. That means I should give this soup a try since I too never was a broccoli fan...Looks creamy and delish..

  8. Delicious soup, a warm bowl of this soup is just enough for me to finish my dinner happily.

  9. Great one the way u presentd n the clicks are so beautiful...... :)

  10. love this soup. you clicks are always so beuatiful.

  11. loved the comforting color n soup,Anupa..Happy to join your space too!!

    Do drop by mine when you find time :)

  12. Love broccoli soup and your clicks beautiful

  13. Broccoli soup adipoli Anupa, I will try it for myself, My kids are not broccoli fan.

  14. Am gonna try this soon..soup looks yummy!!

  15. I share your dislike for the vegetable, and even though my husband likes it I rarely buy the same. I am bookmarking your recipe so that I can try and maybe I will also be able to get over the dislike


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